Notes of the 4th ILDG Workshop 21 May 2004


Akira Ukawa <ukawa@rccp.tsukuba.ac.jp>


6 sites participated: Fermilab, Boston, JLab, Edinburgh, Zeuthen,Tsukuba


We agreed upon the followings.


Metadata WG


1.      QCDML v1.0 was presented and agreed upon.  The WG will proceed to complete documentation by Lat04, and release it.

2.       The issue of "reference" was discussed.  It was concluded that a reference to a published paper is recommended but not required when submitting configurations to ILDG.

3.      It was suggested, and agreed upon, that an informal tutorial be scheduled at Lat04 so that people in the community learn about QCDML and begin to use it.


Middleware WG


1.      Present status of the components development was presented. This included metadata catalog, replica catalog, SRM and others. 

2.      ILDG use cases and FNAL prototype was presented and discussed.

3.      CCS proposal of metadata catalog was presented and discussed

4.      It was agreed that the WG proceeds with the current plan of development.


Format issues


1.      Issues related to packing of binary data, configuration XML, and ensemble XML were discussed.

2.      It was agreed that the convenors of the two WG's (Yoshie/Watson/Joo/Sato) jointly coordinate the discussion in the two WG's, and come back with a joint proposal to ILDG in two months.


Resource sharing


1.      Status of resource sharing in USA/UK/Germany/Japan was reported.

2.      Issues related to international data sharing were discussed.  It was agreed upon that these points be reported at Lat04 to the community to get back responses and comments.


Toward Lat04


1.      LOC provides 60 minutes to ILDG.  Plan 15 minutes for general report, 15 minutes for QCDML v1.0, 15 minutes for middleware development, and 15 minutes to get a feedback from audience.

2.      Schedule an informal tutorial on QCDML


Next Workshop


1.      December 3rd(Fri) 19:00-23:00 Japan time (GMT+9).

2.      Use only VRVS for the workshop