Foundation of the Center

Center for Computational Sciences was founded on April 2004 as an inter-university research facility for computational sciences, reorganizing and expanding Center for Computational Physics (April 1992-March 2004). In addition to the Divisions of Particle and Astrophysics and High Performance Computing Systems, new Divisions were created on Material and Life Sciences, Geoenvironmental and Biological Sciences, and Computational Informatics.


The Center aims to carry out research on critical issues of fundamental science, material science, life science and environmental science through large-scale simulations and large-scale data analyses. To realize this goal, the Center performs research and development of high performance computing systems and networks, and advanced study in computer and information sciences. The Center is an inter-university facility, thus offering functions as an international as well as a national center for computational sciences.


The Center has 6 research divisions as shown right. The faculty consists of 34 regular positions and 3 visiting professor positions. Researchers outside the Center who are closely involved in the activities of the Center are appointed as associated research fellows.


Large-scale numerical simulation project

The Center is an inter-university facility, open to researchers of universities and other research institutions in Japan. Since 1998, the Center has been inviting proposals, twice per year, for large-scale numerical research with CP-PACS, making the computational power of the CP-PACS accessible to researchers throughout Japan.

International activities

The Center organizes international symposia, and invites visitors from abroad in order to promote international exchange and collaboration of scholars in computational sciences.


1992April 1CP-PACS Project begins (five-year project)
April 10Center for Computational Physics founded (10 year term)
July 3Opening ceremony of the Center held
1993August 26Computer building completed
1994March 1Front Computer System (phase I) starts operation
1995March 1Front Computer System (phase II) starts operation
March 30Research building completed
April 1Designated as COE
1996March 25CP-PACS (1024PU) completed and installed
September 18CP-PACS (2048PU) completed and installed
1997March 31CP-PACS Project ends
April 1Research for the Future Program "Development of Next-Generation Massively Parallel Computers" begins (five-year project)
1998March 1Front Computer System (phase III) starts operation
March 1Large-scale Simulation Project with open use of CP-PACS begins
2002March 31Research for the Future Program "Development of Next-Generation Massively Parallel Computers" ends
2002April 1second 10 year term of Center for Computational Physics begins
2004April 1Center for Computational Physics is reorganized and expanded to Center for Computational Sciences
June 10Opening Ceremony of the Center held