Tsukuba Uchu Forum

143rd Uchu Forum


Hidetaka Kuniyoshi

University of Tokyo

The outermost atmosphere of the Sun (the corona) reaches temperatures hundreds of times hotter than its surface (the photosphere), exceeding 1 million degrees. This issue of solar corona heating has been an unresolved problem since the 1930s and is a main target of the SOLAR-C mission. Furthermore, the solar corona is a source of extreme ultraviolet and X-ray radiation, which significantly influences the evolution of planetary atmospheres, making it also crucial for studies of the habitability of exoplanets. It is believed that the energy for corona heating is transported by Alfvén waves generated in the photosphere, and recent attention has been focused on the role of localized and transient Alfvén waves, called magnetic tornadoes. Our group has demonstrated through high-resolution simulations that magnetic tornadoes transport about 50% of the Poynting flux that reaches the quiet region corona. Additionally, we have identified unique observational signals of magnetic tornadoes and proposed them as observational indices for SOLAR-C. In this lecture, I will discuss these details and the future prospects of research on magnetic tornadoes. Image