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Theoretical and Observational Astrophysics Joint New Members BBQ


On the 3rd of May 2018, the Theoretical Astrophysics and the Observational Astrophysics groups organized a barbeque together. This event was held to welcome new fourth year students and new members of staff into the research groups, and provided a great occasional for all to get to know each other better. Almost 40 people participated on the day, ensuring a very enjoyable and pleasant morning.

The weather was pleasant, a bit cloudy but not too hot, and everyone took the opportunity to interact with each other, moving around from table to table, and occasionally to the BBQ pits. The BBQ was held inside the grounds of the University of Tsukuba, in an area called "Yasei no Mori", meaning "natural forest" or "wild forest", which was spacious enough that some students played badminton or catch-ball in the early afternoon