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Three JSPS 2014 Research Fellowships for Young Scientists


From left to right: Takanobu Kirihara, Yu Komatsu, Hiroyuki Suzuki.

Congratulations to the three doctoral students in our group, Yu Komatsu, Takanobu Kirihara, and Hiroyuki Suzuki, who have been awarded the JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists.

Yu Komatsu (DC2)

PhD 3rd Year

Project title: Modeling photosynthetic biomarkers of extrasolar planets: Quantum mechanical calculations of the light harvesting mechanism

We plan to investigate the habitability of extrasolar planets by exploring and combining a variety of techniques beyond the standard ones used in this field.

Hiroyuki Suzuki (DC1)

PhD 1st Year

Project title: Studying galaxy formation using radiation hydrodynamics simulations including a combined physical model of supernova explosions and UV radiation from massive stars

We aim to pinpoint the physical processes that determine the basic charactaristics of galaxies, such as morphology.

Takanobu Kirihara (DC1)

PhD 1st Year

Project title: Investigating the formation of the local group via large-scale cosmological simulations

Guided by data of our local group of galaxies, and in particular the Andromeda galaxy, we seek to elucidate the process of galaxy group formation in unprecedented detail.


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