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38th National High School Cultural Festival in Ibaraki "Ibaraki Sobun 2014"


On July 28, 2014, Yu Komatsu was interviewed by students of the newspaper division of the 38th National High School Cultural Festival in Ibaraki, "Ibaraki Sobun 2014". In this national inter-highschool cultural event, high school students from all over Japan gather to present their work and achievements in their respective...

Three JSPS 2014 Research Fellowships for Young Scientists


From left to right: Takanobu Kirihara, Yu Komatsu, Hiroyuki Suzuki. Congratulations to the three doctoral students in our group, Yu Komatsu, Takanobu Kirihara, and Hiroyuki Suzuki, who have been awarded the JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists. Yu Komatsu (DC2) PhD 3rd Year Project title: Modeling photosynthetic biomarkers of extrasolar...