Achievements & Publications

Galactic winds from primeval galaxies


Mori, Masao,   Umemura, Masayuki

Ultra-high resolution hydrodynamic simulations using 1024$^3$ grid points are performed of early supernova burst in a forming galaxy, with properties similar to those inferred for Lyman \ensuremathα emitters (LAEs) and Lyman Break Galaxies (LBGs). We show that, at the earliest stages of less than 300 Myr, continual supernova explosions produce...

Large-scale structure of short-lived Lyman \ensuremathα emitters


Shimizu, Ikkoh,   Umemura, Masayuki,   Yonehara, Atsunori

Recently discovered large-scale structure of Lyman \ensuremathα emitters (LAEs) raises a novel challenge to the cold dark matter (CDM) cosmology. The structure is extended over more than 50 Mpc at redshift z = 3.1, and exhibits a considerably weak angular correlation. Such properties of LAE distributions appear to be incompatible...