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Proceedings - Author Instructions    [ Aug 11, 2003 ]

The proceedings will be published in Nuclear Physics B Proceedings Supplement. Every participant will receive a copy of the volume in early spring of 2004, hopefully.

The Proceedings will be produced from author-prepared camera-ready copy. All authors will receive e-mail from Elsevier, containing the instructions for preparing contributions and the copyright transfer- and offprint forms.

You can also find the Elsevier's CRC LaTeX package at
        Elsevier's CRC LaTeX package   .
You should use the 2-column CRC format. The author guide is available in Postscript or PDF format.

Your contribution should not exceed the following page limits:
        Plenary Talk of 60 Minutes     14 Pages
        Plenary Talk of 45 Minutes     10 Pages
        Plenary Talk of 30 Minutes       7 Pages
        Parallel Talk or Poster       3 Pages

These limits will be strictly enforced.

The camera-ready Postscript file of the manuscript should be uploaded from
        the submision page
no later than Monday, September 15, 2003 .
The submission page will be closed after the deadline.
We DO NOT accept e-mail submissions .

There are a couple of important rules Elsevier demands that the editors should notify the authors :
        (1)   Papers will not be accepted if they have been published elsewhere.
        (2)   The cost for reproduction of color pages is as follows :
                        635 EUR for the first color page, 318 EUR per color page thereafter.
                        These costs will be borne by the author(s) of the contribution
                        in which the color pages appear.

We will also compose Web Proceedings, an assorted list of links to the Lattice 2003 contributions in e-print archive. The submission to the server should include the string
        Lattice2003(xxx) in the "Comments" field,
where xxx indicates a plenary talk or a parallel/poster contribution by topic as follows :
        plenary     Plenary
        matrix     Matrix elements
        gravity     Quantum gravity
        machine     Machines and algorithms
        chiral     Chiral fermions
        topology     Topology and confinement
        theory     Theoretical developments
        improve     Improvement and renormalization
        nonzero     Non-zero temperature and density
        heavy     Heavy quark physics
        spectrum     Hadron spectrum and quark masses
        higgs     Spin and Higgs models

Lattice 2003 Local Organizing Committee
S.Aoki, S.Hashimoto, K-I.Ishikawa, N.Ishizuka, K.Kanaya (Chair), T.Kaneko, Y.Kikukawa, Y.Kuramashi, A.Nakamura, T.Onogi, Y.Taniguchi, T.Yoshié

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