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Notes upon your Arrival    [ July 11, 2003 ]

Dear Lattice 2003 participants,
Please note the following upon your arrival.

  • Presentation materials
  • Transportation
  • Registration desk
  • Payment
  • Telephone number during the conference
  • Parking

  • Presentation materials    [ goto Contents ]   [ goto Top page ]
    Please send us the files (ps, pdf or ppt) of your presentation to

            e-mail address : lat03@rccp.tsukuba.ac.jp : Closed
            subject : material lattice 2003

    which will be put on the web after presentation. If an electronic file is difficult to prepare, bringing photo copies of your OHP sheets is also welcome.

    Transportation    [ goto Contents ]   [ goto Top page ]
    For the instruction to reach Tsukuba from the Narita airport is provided in the 3rd announcement. We also recommend to print and bring a map of Tsukuba : Gif file   , PS file   in which the location of the conference site and your hotel are marked.

    Registration desk    [ goto Contents ]   [ goto Top page ]
    The registration desk will open on Monday, July 14, from 17:00 until 20:30 on the ground floor of the conference site, EPOCHAL TSUKUBA. The EPOCHAL TSUKUBA is on the south of Tsukuba Center within easy walking distance through a pedestrian pathway.

    Payment    [ goto Contents ]   [ goto Top page ]
    If you are going to pay the registration fee (or excursion ticket, extra banquet) at the registration desk, only cash (Japanese yen) or credit card will be accepted. We cannot handle personal checks.

    Many Japanese shops and restaurants accept cash only, We recommend you to provide cash (Japanese yen) at the Narita airport. Currency exchange is available on the arrival floor.

    Telephone number during the conference    [ goto Contents ]   [ goto Top page ]
    During June 14--19, the LOC will be accessible in the day time at

            Phone : (029) 861-0636
            Fax : (029) 861-0601

    In the region around Tsukuba, you can dial like 861-xxxx removing the area code (029).

    Parking    [ goto Contents ]   [ goto Top page ]
    Those who come to the conference hall by car may use parking lots at the north or south side of the building. A discount parking ticket can be purchased at the conference office. The price is 600 yen per day.

    We are looking forward to seeing you in Tsukuba.
    Lattice 2003 Local Organizing Committee
    S.Aoki, S.Hashimoto, K-I.Ishikawa, N.Ishizuka, K.Kanaya (Chair), T.Kaneko, Y.Kikukawa, Y.Kuramashi, A.Nakamura, T.Onogi, Y.Taniguchi, T.Yoshié

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