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Lattice 2003 Third Announcement    [ June 18, 2003 ]

  • Conference web page
  • Schedule
  • Parallel talks and posters
  • LCD presentations
  • Computer terminals and LAN
  • Electric power
  • Webcast and video recording
  • Presentation materials
  • Connection from Tokyo-Narita airport to Tsukuba
  • Proceedings
  • About SARS
  • Telephone number during the conference
  • About the weather

  • Conference web page    [ goto Contents ]   [ goto Top page ]
    Please visit our web page

    for the latest information of the conference.

    Schedule    [ goto Contents ]   [ goto Top page ]
    The conference comprises invited talks in plenary sessions and contributed talks/posters. The schedule of the conference is as follows. Details of the schedule, including the titles of plenary talks and abstracts of the parallel talks/posters, will be visible on our web page.
                 | morning  | afternoon | evening
    ------------ +----------+-----------+------------
    July 14 (Mon)|          |           | reception
         15 (Tue)| plenary  | parallel  | activities 
         16 (Wed)| plenary  | parallel  | poster
         17 (Thu)| parallel | free (excursion) 
         18 (Fri)| plenary  | parallel  | banquet
         19 (Sat)| plenary  | 
    Welcome reception and registration will be open on Monday around 17:00--20:30 at EPOCHAL TSUKUBA. The conference hall will be closed around 21:00. On Tuesday, the registration desk opens at 8:30, and the conference starts at 9:00. The conference will end around 13:00 on Saturday.

    Parallel talks and posters    [ goto Contents ]   [ goto Top page ]
    Each parallel talk is 15 minutes long (followed by 5 minutes discussions). The area for a poster presentation is maximally 1 meter wide and 2 meters high. We prepare pins.

    LCD presentations    [ goto Contents ]   [ goto Top page ]
    If you plan to do LCD presentation, please bring your own laptop PC. At each session, we prepare a LCD projector (VGA, SVGA or XGA) and two display cables with D-sub 15-pin mini-connectors. If necessary, please bring power plug adapter (see below for details), too.

    Please connect your PC to the projector prior to your presentation time. Any delays caused by a trouble of your PC will be subtracted from your presentation time. We also suggest not to use yellow and green colors in computer presentations.

    Computer terminals and LAN    [ goto Contents ]   [ goto Top page ]
    We prepare computer terminals (Windows PC) connected to the internet. Number of terminals will be limited to about 10. Instead, we provide you with 10--20 LAN cables (RJ45) connected to a switching HUB. No LAN card is provided. Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11b) is available in the open space around the halls. Connection in the conference rooms is not guaranteed.

    Electric power    [ goto Contents ]   [ goto Top page ]
    Electric power in Japan (north part) is supplied in 100V/50Hz. Plug is type-A (American 2/3 pin socket).

    Webcast and video recording    [ goto Contents ]   [ goto Top page ]
    We are planning to do live webcast of plenary talks, and video-recording of parallel talks. Videos for plenary and parallel talks together with presentation files (if available) will be put on our web page after the presentation. Technical details to see live/recorded webcast will be announced on the conference website. Please email us in advance in case you do not want to be broadcasted.

    Presentation materials    [ goto Contents ]   [ goto Top page ]
    We would like to ask you to send us files (ps, pdf, or ppt) of your presentation, if possible in advance. They will be put on the web page after the presentation.

    Connection from Tokyo-Narita airport to Tsukuba    [ goto Contents ]   [ goto Top page ]
    Tsukuba is located about 60 km north of Tokyo and about 40 km northwest of the Narita International Airport . The Tsukuba Center and the above mentioned hotels are in the central area of Tsukuba.

    How to reach Tsukuba is explained in the web page

    See also
            http://www.rccp.tsukuba.ac.jp/ccp/access.html     at CCP, Univ. Tsukuba,
            http://ccwww.kek.jp/info/userguide/reachkek.html     at KEK, and
            http://www.info-tsukuba.org/english/traffic/index.html     at Tsukuba information center.

    The easiest way is to take a direct bus service, called the Airport Liner "NATT'S", from the Narita Airport through Tsukuba Center to Tsuchiura Station. Tickets are available at the "Airport Limousine Keisei" counter on the 1st floor in the arrival lobby.
    ( Remind that the "Airport Limousine Bus" counter on the same floor, by another company, does not take care of the NATT'S bus service.)

    The fare is 2,540 yen per person. The bus leaves the Airport every ~ 90 minutes (see the time schedule), and it takes about one hour and 40 minutes to Tsukuba Center. There are four bus stops: "Shin-Tone-Machi" (which is skipped occasionally), "Hitachino-Ushiku Station", "Tsukuba Center" and "Tsuchiura Station"; you should ride off the bus at Tsukuba Center (not Tsuchiura Station). For alternative ways to come to Tsukuba, please consult our web page.

        The last NATT'S bus leaves the Airport at 20:00.
        If you cannot arrive at the Narita Airport in time,
        please email us ( lat03@rccp.tsukuba.ac.jp : Closed )
        with "Subject: Lattice 2003 arrival time"
        and details of the arrival flight (flight number, arrival time, etc.),
        no later than July 4 .

    Proceedings    [ goto Contents ]   [ goto Top page ]
    All the speakers, in the plenary, parallel and poster sessions, are kindly asked to write their contribution to the proceedings. According to the tradition, the proceedings will be published in Nuclear Physics B - Proceedings Supplement. Further information will be given at the conference.

    About SARS    [ goto Contents ]   [ goto Top page ]
    The LOC is deeply concerned with the recent rapid spread of SARS. Although no SARS patients have been reported in Japan so far, social responsibility of an international conference is high. We are facing a dilemma between our sincere desire to encourage world-wide exchange of research activities and the responsibility to keep the safety of all participants and the people around. We would like to ask all of you to avoid danger (wash hands regularly, refrain dangerous places -- hospital, air port, ... -- as much as possible, etc.) and to watch your health conditions critically. When you find possibility of infection, no matter how small it is, please cancel the participation.

    The quarantine process at Narita Airport is described in
            Summary of Measures against SARS by Narita Airport Quarantine Station

    We appreciate your understanding.

    Telephone number during the conference    [ goto Contents ]   [ goto Top page ]
    During June 14--19, the LOC will be accessible in the day time at
            Phone:     (029) 861-0636
            Fax:     (029) 861-0601

    In the region around Tsukuba, you can dial like 861-xxxx removing the area code (029). From abroad, please dial like +81-29-861-xxxx.

    About the weather    [ goto Contents ]   [ goto Top page ]
    In Tsukaba, the rainy season started in early June, which usually ends around mid-July. So, we recommend to bring a rain-gear such as an umbrella or a raincoat. The temperature will be about 20-30 degrees and the humidity will be high. For daily weather information, please visit the Yahoo weather,
        Tokyo Today     Mito Today

    for instance. An interpolation between Tokyo and Mito will give a good enough approximation.

    We are looking forward to seeing you in Tsukuba.
    Lattice 2003 Local Organizing Committee
    S.Aoki, S.Hashimoto, K-I.Ishikawa, N.Ishizuka, K.Kanaya (Chair), T.Kaneko, Y.Kikukawa, Y.Kuramashi, A.Nakamura, T.Onogi, Y.Taniguchi, T.Yoshié

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