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Lattice 2003 First Announcement    [ Nov. 22. 2002 ]

LATTICE 2003, the XXI International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory, will take place at the

Tsukuba International Congress Center (EPOCHAL TSUKUBA)
2-20-3, Takezono, Tsukuba
Ibaraki, 305-0032, Japan

from July 15 to July 19, 2003 .
Registration will begin on Monday, July 14 .
The program will begin on the morning of Tuesday, July 15 ,
and will conclude on Saturday, July 19 .

The symposium is co-hosted by
University of Tsukuba
High Energy Accelerator Research Organization   ( KEK )
Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University   ( YITP )
and is supported by
Center for Computational Physics, University of Tsukuba   .

Topics will include:
  • Hadron spectrum and quark masses
  • Weak matrix elements
  • Heavy quark physics
  • Non-zero temperature and density
  • Chiral fermions
  • Topology and confinement
  • Spin and Higgs models
  • Quantum gravity
  • Machines and algorithms
  • There will be plenary talks, parallel talks, and poster sessions.


    All conference sessions will be held in the Tsukuba International Congress Center. Accommodation will be provided in several hotels located in the city of Tsukuba, mainly in walking distance from the conference site. The single room prices will be around 10,000 Yen. A limited number of rooms with lower prices will be available. Detailed housing information will be provided in the second announcement.


    The registration fee has NOT been determined yet, but it will be below 40,000 Yen. Participants are expected to obtain their own funding. Very limited support will be available for participants from developing countries and for students who are unable to obtain sufficient support elsewhere. More information will be given in the second announcement.

    NOTIFICATION OF INTEREST    [ Ended at Jan 6, 2003 ]

    In order to estimate the likely number of participants and to compile a list of e-mail addresses, a pre-registration questionnaire has been set up on the conference web page, http://www.rccp.tsukuba.ac.jp/lat03/ . If you wish to be notified of subsequent announcements, please provide us with appropriate information no latter than December 31, 2002 , preferably by filling out the web form



    Lattice 2003
    Center for Computational Physics
    University of Tsukuba
    Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8577

    Fax : +81-29-853-6406
    WWW : http://www.rccp.tsukuba.ac.jp/lat03

    We are looking forward to seeing you in Tsukuba.
    Lattice 2003 Local Organizing Committee
    S.Aoki, S.Hashimoto, K-I.Ishikawa, N.Ishizuka, K.Kanaya (Chair), T.Kaneko, Y.Kikukawa, Y.Kuramashi, A.Nakamura, T.Onogi, Y.Taniguchi, T.Yoshié

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